It is important to know your cell phone plan to avoid charges.
Many of these resources have a web based option that can be used without a cell phone.
You should also know your district's policy on cell phone use both in and out of the classroom.


Some of the ideas listed on this page came from the sources below:

Mobile Tools & Ideas

Cellblock - Great for field trips or on the go homework assignments. Send a picture or video to Cellblock using a unique email address, then watch the updated content on your Cellblock page, your own page, or an iGoogle page. You can also upload content by visiting cellblock.com and logging in using a username and password. (Useful for students without cell phones.) Create a class account, give students the email address, and start blogging!

Mobile Quiz Creator - This tool can be used for remediation, enrichment, or simply to differentiate your lessons. Create a mobile quiz (including images) for students to download to their phones. Quizzes can also be embedded into web pages or taken online at MobileStudy.org. See example below:

Blogger Mobile - If you have a Blogger account, you can use go.blogger.com; or use the Mail to Blogger feature under the Settings tab. Create an email account to which students email text, pictures, or video. For more control over published content, select the "save emails as drafts" option.

Poll Everywhere - Create multiple choice polls OR open response polls and collect real time data. Polls can be run in class using a projector and cell phones; or, link your polls on a web page and collect responses. Multiple choice polls can be embedded; see below:

Myxer - Talk about motivation! A math teacher I know had students create math ringtones and uploaded them to Myxer. By creating an Artist account with Myxer, you can make your files available for download and track the number of requests. After one week, most of her students' songs had been downloaded over 50 times by friends and family. The students were so excited!

Google SMS - Excellent for on the go information! Simply text message your search query to 466453 ("GOOGLE" on most devices) and they will text message back your results. Find definitions, calculate conversions, find weather reports, get maps, compare product prices, and much more.

TextMarks - Parents will LOVE this service. Create a unique textmark, then tell parents and students to subscribe by sending your unique textmark to 41411. Anytime you update your textmark, subscribers will recieve a text message. Great for coaches, teachers, or administrators. Update and view information from your phone or from the web. Embed a widget on your web page for subscribers: