Using iGoogle to Differentiate Instruction

iGoogle pages offer the unique ability to customize learning. By utilizing a few essential gadgets and creating a form in Google Docs; you can create an iGoogle page that allows you to tailor instruction to students' learning styles. You can create an iGoogle page and share gadgets or tabs with students; or create a page for class organization and discussion if computers are limited.


Useful iGoogle Gadgets

To Do List Gadget- Great for outlining goals, tasks, or objectives for the day.

Compound Gadget - Organize multiple gadgets into one based on learning style, subject, standard, etc.

HTML/Javascript Gadget- Handy for when you want to embed something not availble in the iGoogle library

iFrame Gadget- Enter a URL address in this gadget to put a mini version of a web page directly on your iGoogle page
(The iFrame gadget can also be used to post an assessment form created in Google Docs.)

Enhanced Bookmarks Gadget- Organize a list of links to resources you want your students to visit.

Make Your Own Gadget- Create class slideshows, lists, and other content to share. Great for enrichment.

Classroom Suggestions

  • If students have Google Accounts, differentiate by creating and sharing compound gadgets with students based on learning style and ability level.
  • If students have Google Accounts, create an iGoogle tab and share it
  • If computer access is an issue, create an iGoogle page that lists the lesson objectives, needed tools, and other materials for a group discussion.
  • If students don't have Google Accounts, create a class iGoogle page that all students can access through one username and password.
  • Encourage students to find and create relevant gadgets to help them meet learning goals.
  • To keep responses from forms private, create the form using a personal Google Account and add them to an iGoogle page created with a class Google Account.
  • Note: Too many compound gadgets make iGoogle load very slowly.

iGoogle and Students With Special Needs

How To Section

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Create a Form in Google Docs

Embed a Form on iGoogle